29 Mar 2004

Fiji's former police commissioner at centre of new coup inquiry

2:06 pm on 29 March 2004

New evidence has been given to an inquiry in Fiji over the former police commissioner's alleged involvement during the coup.

Police spokesman, Mesake Koroi, says the new inquiry into the actions of Colonel Isikia Savua and other police officers, is also relooking at information on record.

This includes material contained in a secret inquiry chaired by the former chief justice, Sir Timoci Tuivaga, which cleared Savua of any involvement.

Mr Koroi says some of that information has now been found to be credible.

He says the inquiry team of six police officers are investigating allegations that officers were involved in the planning and execution of the coup.

"And, assistance they may have given to sort of legitimise the coup and revelations that are now revealed that quite stunning evidence is beginning to surface. They're still compiling the facts and hopefully later on during the week, it might then be forwarded to the director for public prosecutions."

Mesake Koroi says if charges are made against Savua, who is Fiji's ambassador to the United Nations, then he will have to return home to face them.