6 Apr 2004

Sprep's Director General is still under fire over employment issues

11:27 am on 6 April 2004

An Auckland-based lawyer has accused the director general of the Apia-based environment organisation, SPREP, Asterio Takesy, of continuing to harass two employees in his bid to terminate their contracts.

Olinda Woodroffe has called on the governments funding SPREP to stop what she calls the abuse of the human rights of two women, a Samoan and a New Zealander of Cook Islands origin.

She says the women have been presented with a new redundancy deal but Mr Takesy has declined comment, citing privacy reasons.

But Mrs Woodroffe says unless the employment terms are changed abuse of power will continue.

"The director seems to think that his immunity can give him a passport to break the law and this must stop, and governments like New Zealand who pour money into SPREP must do something about violation of human rights."

Auckland-based lawyer, Olinda Woodroffe.