7 Apr 2004

Fiji senator calls for immunity bill to be extended to cover everyone

3:39 pm on 7 April 2004

A Fiji senator is calling for the immunity bill to be extended to cover everybody.

Ratu Josefa Dimuri, who is the secretary-general of the Conservative Alliance Matanitu Vanua Party, the junior coalition partner in government, says this should be done in the spirit of reconciliation.

The immunity bill has been drafted to cover loyalist soldiers for their actions in quelling the mutiny which followed the coup, leaving eight troops from a rebel unit, dead.

Ratu Josefa says there's evidence that some of those killed weren't involved in the mutiny.

He says the bill must be altered to ensure that their relatives can claim compensation.

"If you have to really look at the effectiveness of the reconciliation that is being advocated by government right now, maybe, you know, we should consider the immunity bill being applied across the board."

Ratu Josefa Dimuri says the party's two cabinet members will be raising the issue when the bill goes to cabinet.