14 Apr 2004

Marshalls aims at first legal adoption under new agency

2:32 pm on 14 April 2004

The Central Adoption Authority in the Marshall Islands is hoping to have its first legal overseas adoption take place by July.

Due to a number of unlicensed agencies facilitating illegal adoptions in the US, a new law in the Marshall Islands states that for a legal adoption, it must go via a single agency, the CAA.

But unlicensed agencies keep operating because of loopholes in US legislation.

The Director of the Authority, Michael Jenkins, says they are currently processing a legal application, and preparing both families for the adoption.

"The first one deemed to be legitimate is children in need of international placement, we're doing the counselling and the home studies and best interest determinations right now. It'll be a feel good adoption with a family who can't take care of their responsibility, being matched up with a couple with resources wanting the responsibility, and that should happen some time around June or July this year. So that'll feel good."

Michael Jenkins, the Director for the Central Adoption Authority