26 Apr 2004

Push for US federal court to be established in American Samoa

4:07 pm on 26 April 2004

There is a push for a U.S. federal court to be established in American Samoa.

The governor, Togiola Tulafono, has announced there will be a commission appointed to study the territory's political status in time for a review of the constitution next year.

Our correspondent says while many people want the status to remain the same, there is concern over the level of corruption.

And, Fili Sagapolutele says this has led to people expressing a desire to have more of a federal presence in the territory.

"Some sort of federal government intervention in the territory but very limited. Among this area is setting up a U.S. federal court in American Samoa. American Samoa is the only U.S. flagged possession without a federal court, dealing only with issues regarding federal crimes committed in American Samoa."

Federal crimes committed in the territory are dealt with by a federal court in Honolulu.