27 Apr 2004

Solomons police still investigating allegations of rape and abduction of RAMSI officer

8:24 pm on 27 April 2004

Solomon Islands police say they are weeks away from completing an investigation into an alleged abduction and rape of a female Australian peacekeeper.

Ben McDevitt, who's the acting Police Commissioner, says there are considerable inconsistencies to the claim made by the Regional Assistance Mission military officer.

The alleged incident is believed to have happened two weekends ago.

Mr McDevitt says they are still yet to determine whether a criminal offence was committed.

"We aren't in a position at this point in time to be able to confirm 1) whether an abduction took place, 2) whether a firearm was involved 3) who may have been involved in that allegation and 4) whether or not a rape as reported has been committed, so there's still a fair bit of work to do."

Ben McDevitt says they have many police working on the inquiry which he hopes should be completed within a couple of weeks.