4 May 2004

PNG's nurses say pay and conditions in hospitals are getting worse

7:51 am on 4 May 2004

The Papua New Guinea's nurses association says pay and conditions for those working in hospitals has worsened.

The president of the association, Susan Haroe, says nurses based in rural areas are even worse off.

Susan Haroe says nurses are fed up and calling for something to be done.

"We just don't know what to say , what to do. Because everywhere there is short of drugs. Not only drugs but nursing care things you know, and equipments and all that. Not only that they put it into their own pocket, things like soap and all that. We're just trying to force the government to pay."

Susan Haroe says in March, their lawyers filed to take the Department of Health to court, for better pay and working conditions.

She says they are still waiting to hear when the court hearing will be.

Nurse Haroe says nurses are not considering taking strike action at this stage.