7 May 2004

Fiji shipping company makes losses because of traditional practices

4:31 pm on 7 May 2004

A shipping company owned by an indigenous Fijian province says it's run up losses of 300,000 US dollars because of traditional management.

Radio Fiji quotes the chief executive of the Kadavu Shipping Company, Peter Lee, as saying the company has been run without strict adherence to the rules of business.

Mr Lee says many passengers have not been paying their fares but boarding its ship by presenting kava to the crew.

Others travel on credit but have not paid up.

Mr Lee says sometimes the company has to abide by the decision of chiefs but traditional obligations are detrimental to the running of any good business.

The Kadavu Provincial Council is organising a three-day festival next week to raise money to keep the shipping company afloat and prevent its ship being seized by the Fiji Development Bank.