13 May 2004

Inspectors check American Samoa airline

10:51 am on 13 May 2004

Two inspectors from the US Federal Aviation Administration Flight Standards Division in Honolulu are in Pago Pago to inspect American Samoa's Inter Island Airways operations.

Inter Island suspended services on March 31st, and said at the time, that it intended to resume charter service upon completion of the required annual inspection of its aircraft and approval by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Airport officials said that the current inspection by FAA will decide if Inter Island will get a 121 certificate.

They said that the inspection is quite extensive and will check the airline's Dornier aircraft, personnel and operations.

When it inaugurated service last year, Inter Island was operating charter flights between Tutuila and Manua with Vision Air of Las Vegas.

Travellers welcomed the new service and were appreciative of the speed of travel, and their spacious and air-conditioned aircraft.

The company also operated flights to Apia for Polynesian during the Christmas travel season.

Inter Island Airways has applied for a five year exemption on the five per cent excise tax for imports of aviation equipment and materials, including aircraft, spare parts, specialised aircraft tools, test equipment, and ground support equipment.