13 May 2004

Pacific states hope to meet counter-terrorism obligations

10:32 am on 13 May 2004

Most Pacific nations hope they will be able to meet deadlines for the implementation of tough international counter-terrorism obligations.

Officials from around the Pacific have wound up a two-day meeting in Wellington, to discuss concerns that trade and tourism in the Pacific could suffer, if the new standards are not met.

The meeting's chair, Michael Powles, says many poorer Pacific nations are worried about the cost of implementing new security systems, but they will have the help of their more affluent neighbours.

He says the first deadline is in July, but most Pacific nations should meet it.

"Most of the participants seem reasonably clear in their own minds, that, with the kind of assistance that's available, and with the political will which the Forum leaders have given to the exercise, that they will be able to meet the deadlines."