17 May 2004

Fiji Labour Party opposes Fiji TV tax holiday

1:25 pm on 17 May 2004

A Fiji Labour party MP, Senator Atu Emberson Bain, is calling for the government to explain why it wants to grant Fiji TV a tax holiday.

Under a bill to be tabled next month, Fiji TV will be given a tax exemption on all income earned between January 1994 and January 2009.

Last year, Fiji TV paid almost 1.5 million US in tax arrears since 1994, but the new bill has a provision to reimburse this amount.

Senator Atu Emberson Bain says she doesn't know how the government can justify this.

"It smells of corruption, its certainly not good practise, good governance and there are even questions of it being unconstitutional because you have a single anti discrimination provision under the constitution. There's no reasonable explanation for this."

Senator Atu Emberson Bain says she doesn't believe any tax payer accepts the government giving exclusive tax exemption benefits to a single commercial company.