24 May 2004

Fiji minister warns poverty undermines re-election chance

2:50 pm on 24 May 2004

A Fiji cabinet minister has warned his own government that it could lose the next general election if it fails to look after ordinary people.

The Fiji Times reports that the minister for transport, Josefa Vosanibola, issued the warning after touring areas devastated by flash floods in early April where people are still waiting for relief supplies.

Mr Vosanibola says while orders have been given at cabinet level, public servants have yet to do their part in helping the deprived and the needy.

He says unless the needs of these people are met, the Qarase government will have the same fate the BJP party in India which lost the recent general election when the poor spoke and voted it out.

Mr Vosanibola says if the government does not meet the people's basic needs, they will have their say in Fiji too.