1 Jun 2004

Fiji Labour Party calls for strong election observers

3:25 pm on 1 June 2004

The Fiji Labour Party says international election observers should not be toothless tigers who exit the country after the polls.

The Fiji Times says the comment came after the Commonwealth Secretariat confirmed that it would provide assistance with the next Fiji general elections in 2006 by ensuring the quality of electoral rolls.

Labour's assistant secretary, Lekh Ram Veyashnoi, says the 2001 elections had many discrepancies and numerous letters written to the supervisor of elections are yet to be satisfactorily answered.

He says the Commonwealth should be involved in the elections right from the day campaigning starts.

Mr Veyashnoi says the United Nations and Commonwealth observers which monitored the 2001 elections should have had enough powers to call for investigations where there were grievances.