3 Jun 2004

Solomon islands organising patrols of sea borders

10:56 am on 3 June 2004

A Solomon Island Territorial Police Commissioner says he wants joint patrols with immigration and customs to monitor the sea border.

Assistant Commissioner, John Lansley says there are already talks underway with the two government divisions.

Mr Lansley says before the patrols can take place, the police patrol boats need to be serviced.

He says the patrols are very necessary.

"It has particular importance in border security and in fishing and logging and in helping customs. We had a meeting with customs and immigration to see if we could do joint patrols of the patrol boat Auki. which is vital in patrolling (our) sea lanes."

Assistant Police Commissioner, John Lansley.

Solomon Islands shares borders with the Island of Bougainville and Vanuatu.