7 Jun 2004

Details of Palau's new airline to be announced soon

7:22 am on 7 June 2004

An announcement is imminent in Palau on the formation of a new airline.

Palau Micronesia Air is to operate a single Boeing 737 jet, and will fly on routes to and from the Marshall Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, Guam and Australia.

The airline also hopes to start flying to and from Japan and South Korea.

Alan Seid of Palau Micronesia Air says the plan is to provide services to get people to the Palau Arts Festival in August, and then move to regular services.

Mr Seid says he wants the business to be a model for other carriers in the Pacific.

"You know you always hear about airlines that fail, but you don't hear so much about airlines that succeed. We look up at Air Tahiti Nui as an airline that is an example of a Pacific carrier that can succeed. I think we have a few advantages here in Palau, that our location is close to Asian cities, especially big markets like Tokyo and perhaps Seoul."