11 Jun 2004

Solomons warlord Keke charged with nine more murders

12:49 pm on 11 June 2004

In Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal warlord Harold Keke is facing new charges of murders, in addition to those he was arrested for, six months ago.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Ben McDevitt, says the charges relate to the murders of nine of the ten Kwaio men from Malaita, who were killed on the Weathercoast in June 2002.

Keke is also facing charges of theft and arson relating to that time.

Mr McDevitt has praised the efforts of the investigative team, saying it's also been trying times for the families of the victims, and the communities of the Weathercoast who have cooperated.

He says Keke now faces a total of eleven murder charges, one abduction, two theft and one arson charge including being member of a unlawful society.

Keke voluntarily surrendered to the Regional Assistance Mission during the first month of its arrival in the country.