5 Jul 2004

Fiji's opposition leader calls on people to reject mediocre leadership

1:04 pm on 5 July 2004

Fiji's opposition leader, Mick Beddoes, has called on people in the country to stop accepting mediocre leadership.

This follows statements last week from a government senator, Adi Litia Cakobau, that the term Indo-Fijian should be criminalised because it was identity theft by the Indian population.

There have been calls for the government to distance itself from the comments with Mr Beddoes describing them as disgraceful.

However, he says the sentiments expressed by Adi Litia are not new and he doesn't expect her to be reprimanded.

Mr Beddoes says the public has a lot to answer for.

"What the people have to start demanding is better quality leadership representing the interests of the citizens of Fiji because we've had to put up with this for so many years now and I, in my discussions around the country, have been telling the people well it's your fault. We're allowing this thing to happen."

Fiji's opposition leader, Mick Beddoes.