29 Jun 2004

Solomon Islands minister doubts mercenaries report

10:28 am on 29 June 2004

The Solomon Islands police minister has questioned the validity of the findings of a parliamentary select committee which looked into the killings of 10 men two years ago.

The six-man committee concluded the men were mercenaries, who'd been offered nearly 40-thousand US dollars each to kill the warlord Harold Keke on Guadalcanal's weathercoast.

However Michael Maina says it wasn't part of the committee's terms of reference to look into such claims and he has questioned its relevance.

"It would be helpful in some aspects, but I do not think that a lot of what is in the report would have a lot of validity in terms of the findings of the police."

Mr Maina says an official complaint would have to come before any investigation, into claims about mercenaries.