29 Jun 2004

Renewed Tongan criticism of Iraq deployment

3:10 pm on 29 June 2004

Tonga's Human Rights and Democracy Movement has again condemned Tonga's involvement in Iraqi affairs.

A Movement spokesperson, the Reverend Simote Vea, says Tongans are inviting themselves to a never ending war with terrorists who can be anywhere at anytime.

The Reverend Vea says the families of the 44 Tongan troops sent to Iraq should have been consulted and not only the soldiers, as they do not have much of a choice.

He says at the same time, President Bush's assertion that Iraq was producing weapons of mass destruction is still unjustified or perhaps has proven so far to be untrue.

The Reverend also says Mr Bush had claimed to be the leading defender of human rights and democracy but now his involvement in Iraq is seen as that of a more repressive leader.