29 Jun 2004

Nauru spokesperson upset about Melbourne eviction

3:18 pm on 29 June 2004

Fifty people working for the Nauru Government or representing its business interests in Australia, have no idea where or how they will continue to operate after the end of next week.

In a move to recover some of an overdue 165 million US dollar debt, General Electric Capital Corporation has instructed the receivers for the Australian assets of Nauru's phosphate trust, to evict everyone on Floors 49 and 50 of Nauru House in Melbourne by Friday next week.

A spokesperson for the Nauru Government in Australia, Helen Bogdan, says the move is cruel and unfair.

"The vicious attack on the people of Nauru by throwing their officers out of the building where they operate and control a lot of things is quite an unprecedented act. I'm very surprised that a big American corporation would do that."

A spokesperson for the Nauru government in Australia, Helen Bogdan.