2 Jul 2004

Fiji senator upset at term Indo-Fijian

3:17 pm on 2 July 2004

A Fiji government senator has launched a scathing attack on the use of the term Indo-Fijian to describe Fiji citizens of Indian origin.

Adi Litia Cakobau told the Senate today that the use of the label Indo-Fijian is identity theft by the Indian population in their lust for land.

Adi Litia said the indigenous Fijian people were not aware of the process of indoctrination through the use of such names in all the media all the time.

She said Indian social engineers such as Professor Subramani, Dr Brij Lal, Dr Ganesh Chand and Dr Biman Prasad are identity usurpers engaged in a process of mass deception.

Adi Litia said "ideology is the alternative to arms and ammunition, and more powerful as a weapon for the activities of the invaders."

The government senator said Fijians are being "systematically stripped of their sovereignty rights and hereditary land, beginning with the theft of their legal identity"

Adi Litia said unless the issue is addressed through legal means, "ambitious politicians will use it to gather support for political unrest and worse."

She said "there is no excuse for Indians to deceive the world by redefining themselves as Indo-Fijians."