6 Jul 2004

Food aid to be flown to some Northern Marianas islands damaged by cyclone

3:38 pm on 6 July 2004

A helicopter is to deliver relief supplies to people running out of food in parts of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

The governor's spokesperson, Virginia Villagomez, says people have been short of food on the islands of Pagan and Agrihan, since Typhoon Tingting hit more than a week ago.

"To fly in a helicopter to bring in food to those people. I really don't know how much food has been collected to transport over to the northern islands but we have like 19 people on one of the islands (Pagan) and we have 9 people on the island of Agrihan. That distribution has been coordinated by their mayor of the northern islands."

Virginia Villagomez.

Meanwhile, the local chapter of the American Red Cross says it's given out about 17-thousand US dollars in relief.