6 Jul 2004

Solomon Islands top lawyer calls for changes to curb corruption and abuse of power

7:44 pm on 6 July 2004

The President of the Solomon Islands' Bar Association wants law changes to curb corruption and the abuse of power by political leaders.

Gabriel Suri says he wants to change people's mindsets to encourage honesty and trustworthiness.

The lawyer wants greater media freedom and laws to ensure public contracts are awarded fairly.

Mr Suri says he also advocating a State Asset and Properties Act.

"The purpose of this legislation would be to record and regulate the process for disposal of state assets and properties. Its my view that such act would allow public participation, so assets of the state would not be disposed at once on whim. It would be based on principals of accountability and transparency. The state would receive a good return for all these assets"

Gabriel Suri says where its important or necessary to preserve a state asset that would be written into the Act.