12 Jul 2004

Fiji Prime Minister asks for Labour's help to remove multi party provisions from Constitution

7:04 pm on 12 July 2004

Fiji's prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, has called on the Labour Party to help remove the multi-party provisions of the 1997 Constitution.

Mr Qarase has told Radio Legend that this section of the constitution is confusing and he does not want any future government to face the same difficulties that he is currently having.

He says the concept was not well thought out, its drafting was poor and serious thought was not given to the practical application of the provision.

Mr Qarase is now awaiting Mr Chaudhry's decision on whether Labour will enter the multi-party cabinet on the conditions which he has offered.

He says if the Labour accepts the offer, he is likely to bring in more independents and senators to increase support for him in the cabinet.

Last Friday's Supreme Court interpretation of the constitution by a majority allows Mr Qarase to do this.