14 Jul 2004

Niue government still looking at ways of saving money

10:13 am on 14 July 2004

Niue's Government says it will not cut the hours of public servants if it undermines the island's community.

The Finance Minister, Toke Talagi, says the government, as it has done in the past two years, is considering reducing workers hours as it tries to cut the deficit.

He says a 32 hour week or a nine day fortnight are among the options being considered.

But, Mr Talagi says this would not be done if it had a detrimental effect.

And he says the reduced hours may have benefits and free people up to work in nonu and vanilla plantations.

"If there are side benefits, and there are clearly side benefits, in the fact that we can also assist people and get people to go and work on nonu and vanilla, that's well and good, but the philosophy is, as I say, it to ensure that we maintain a living community on Niue and that remains paramount."

Whatever options we decide or whatever option we take that paramount consideration will be at the forefront