15 Jul 2004

French Polynesia's Oscar Temaru to meet with Jacques Chirac today

1:28 pm on 15 July 2004

The French Polynesia President is expected to meet the French President Jacques Chirac later today.

Oscar Temaru hopes to discuss relations between the territory and metropolitan France.

Mr Temaru has told the French newspaper, Le Monde, that expects the French state to 'play the game', since French Polynesia has elected him, and they're French citizens and Europeans.

He says France has a moral obligation to support French Polynesia after years of nuclear testing.

Mr Temaru says he's seeking better use of the so-called economic reconversion funds.

His remarks implied that the former territorial president Gaston Flosse had used these funds as he liked.

Oscar Temaru says he's to visit Brussels to discuss scrapping the central Pacific franc and replacing it with the Euro.