22 Jul 2004

Greens' leader in Vanuatu denies that two of his MPs are now backing Ham Lini's coalition

8:15 pm on 22 July 2004

The Greens Confederation in Vanuatu is rejecting claims it has switched allegiance again as the coalitions battling to become the Government prepare for the first meeting of Parliament on Monday.

The Greens were part of the previous Govenrment and had committed with the other parties in that coalition to staying together.

This would have placed them in the National United Party camp headed by Ham Lini.

But a week ago they signed up with Serge Vohor's Union of Moderate Parties.

Ham Lini has since claimed that two of the three Green MPs have approached him wanting to rejoin his grouping, but their leader, Moana Carcasses, dismisses this.

"Oh ..you know ...I can tell you my people will not move. This is bullshit talk. I can tell you that four people from the NUP have approached the Greens too- that is a fact"