26 Jul 2004

New High Court facility in Solomons said to be boost to justice system

7:17 am on 26 July 2004

The Solomon Islands Minister of Justice, Michael Maina, says the new room and facility in the High Court in Honiara provides a platform for a rejuvenated judicial system.

The opening of the Court Room building was one of the ceremonies in the week-long programme to mark the first anniversary of the arrival of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands.

In recent years, the Solomon's Judicial system has been crippled by a lack of proper judges to deal with a massive backlog of cases.

But Mr Maina says with plans to employ more judges, the new court will help bring greater access to justice for Solomon Islanders and reduce the amount of delay expected in the hearing cases.

"It is a very important facility that we've been hoping we could have and that will help to move the progress of the judicial system in our country. It has always been advocated that we should have extra facilities but now with a backlog of cases, and there are judges to be appointed, this is going to help towards that direction."