27 Jul 2004

PNG opposition leader accuses the Governor General of meddling

11:27 am on 27 July 2004

Papua New Guinea's opposition leader says the Governor General, Sir Paulias Matane, is out of line in claiming that politicians are causing instability.

Peter O'Neill says the problems PNG is facing are not because of politicians or political events but rather the Government's inability to manage these issues over the past two years.

Sir Paulias says that the country could do much better if not for the politicians shifting around political camps, causing instability.

He appealed to PNG's political leaders to put the interest of the common people ahead of their own agendas.

But Mr O'Neill says he doesn't consider the manoeuvring of political parties to be the cause of instability.

"The Governor-general has stepped out of line. I will excuse him because of his inexperience, But that is absolute rubbish, as I said. What the Governor General needs to be told is that his duties are clearly specified in the constitution and that is not in politics and he should stay out."