28 Jul 2004

American Samoa considers drastic immigration cut

7:44 am on 28 July 2004

American Samoa's attorney general, Fiti Sunia, says the only way to stem the influx of immigrants is to stop the entry of all foreigners except for those from neighbouring countries.

Mr Sunia has told the House Legal Affairs Committee that this is the quickest way to take care of concerns expressed by lawmakers about the rapid increase in Asians moving to the territory.

He says although it may please some people, the territory should stop people from any other country except Samoa and other neighbouring islands such as Tonga and Fiji from entering.

Mr Sunia also says there is no law prohibiting foreigners from operating businesses in American Samoa but for foreign corporations and partnerships, two thirds of those incorporating companies must be US nationals or US citizens.

The law also allows foreign corporations to sponsor foreign employees.