29 Jul 2004

Fiji Labour Party claims Government is getting rid of critics

3:30 pm on 29 July 2004

The Fiji Labour party claims the Government is venting its anger over its lack of progress by getting rid of critics in key positions.

The party's legal advisor, Senator Anand Singh, made the comment following the dumping of Ratu Epeli Ganilau from the chair of the Great Council of Chiefs.

Mr Singh says Ratu Epeli was a moderate leader who inspired confidence, especially among landowners and tenants.

He says he was vital to reconciliation and rebuilding the country after the 2000 coup.

"The SDL is getting frustrated. It's not making the kind of inroads it thought it would in the country and I think as a result of that they're taking out their anger on a number of people, and many times its on appointees."

Mr Singh says suggestions that the party is going to approach Ratu Epeli to nominate him to the senate is pure speculation.

He says that it would be up to Ratu Epeli to decide if he wanted to join the party's ranks.