2 Aug 2004

American Samoa's Governor told no special payments for the families of those being posted to Iraq

7:19 am on 2 August 2004

American Samoa's Governor, Togiola Tulafono, has been told that there are no special payments for the families of reservists due to be posted to Iraq.

He had also been concerned about those in the military reserves who might suffer a drop in pay during active service.

The Assistant Chief of Staff for the Pacific Army, Colonel Michael Johnson, told the Governor that such financial situations were part of the reality of being in the military.

He said American Samoa was no different from other states experiencing the impact of civilian soldiers being activated.

A spokesman for the Pacific Army Reserves, Lieutenant Colonel, Howard Sugai, said some states, such as Hawaii have helped their soldiers by exempting their combat pay from taxes.

Several large corporations are also paying the difference in pay for their civilian employees, while others are maintaining health benefits for reservists' families.

A farewell church service for the 200 members of American Samoa's combat units is planned for August 15.