9 Aug 2004

Coalition member in French Polynesia concerned over President's comments on decolonisation

12:59 pm on 9 August 2004

The leader of French Polynesia's Fetia Api party, Philip Schyle is expressing some concern that the issue of decolonisation was discussed at the Forum in Samoa.

French Polynesia's President Oscar Temaru told Forum leaders in Apia that as leader of the pro-independence

movement he was seeking their backing to get French Polynesia put back on the UN decolonisation list.

The territory was removed by the former French President, Charles de Gaulle.

Mr Schyle advocates autonomy, but not independence, from France and says it's Mr Temaru's business if he makes such a call as leader of his pro-independence party.

But he says if Mr Temaru spoke in his capacity of president then it's against their coalition agreement.

Mr Schyle, whose party's support is pivotal for the Temaru government, says they had agreed that ideological issues would be left aside for five years.