14 Aug 2004

Fiji mercy commission discusses Seniloli jailing

6:14 am on 14 August 2004

Fiji's Prerogative of Mercy Commission has met to discuss a pardon for jailed vice president Seniloli who is serving a four-year sentence for his role in the coup.

The meeting followed Seniloli's letter to President Iloilo seeking a pardon.

The attorney general, Qoriniasi Bale, who is chairman of the commission, has told Fiji TV the commission is reviewing the whole system of mercy to see if it can recommend a pardon for those serving less than a life sentence.

A government MP from the pro-coup Conservative Alliance party and George Speight's brother, Samisoni Tikonisau, says he hopes the commission takes into account the views of the majority of indigenous Fijians when considering Seniloli's case.