16 Aug 2004

Cook Islands asks New Zealand for generator in power crisis

4:10 pm on 16 August 2004

The Cook Islands has requested a standby power generator from New Zealand to ease a power crisis.

At the weekend, Rarotonga was down to less than one third of normal power supplies because three out of four diesel generators failed.

The chairman of the Rarotonga Electric Authority, Mata Nooroa, says they rebooted their main generator last night and the island is now back to about 50 percent of its normal capacity.

But with their number one generator hindered by technical problems, Mr Nooroa says they've looking for outside help to address the emergency.

"We have already planned to install a new generator but that won't be until June next year but at the moment we have sourced standby-portable generators from Auckland and that's one reason why the CEO is in Auckland, hence the government's request to New Zealand government to assist in getting the portable generator to Rarotonga, hopefully sometime this week."

Mata Nooroa