19 Aug 2004

American Samoa bid to make military vote count

10:28 am on 19 August 2004

The Election Office in American Samoa has assigned a team to the Army Reserve Bravo Company to help prepare them to vote absentee in this year's general elections.

The Deputy Commissioner Filivaa Mageo says the team helped with voter registrations and verifying voter status of those already on the electors' roll.

He says about ninety of the 100 members who departed on Monday night, were already registered.

Mageo says that they'll also have a team assigned to Charlie company before they leave tomorrow night.

All of the reservists will be voting absentee as ballot forms for the general elections will only be ready after the deadline for filing nominating petitions on the first of September.

Filivaa says there shouldn't be any difficulty getting absentee ballots to and from the soldiers as the mobilization schedule indicates that they will either be in Hawaii or Fort Bliss, Texas up to December.

The reservists have been urged to contact the Voting Assistance office in order to expedite the absentee voting process.