19 Aug 2004

Solomon Islands Prison Commissioner says prison conditions good

3:35 pm on 19 August 2004

The government of Solomon Islands is awaiting a full security review of the country's prison system begun this week by two experts from Australia.

The prison security experts have been flown in to assess the prison system following the security scare at the Rove Central Prison last week when prisoners broke out of the cells.

The experts will help the Acting Commissioner of Prisons, Francis Haisoma, in reviewing last week's incident from the perspectives of physical security and internal operations.

Mr Haisoma says conditions at Rove have improved considerably since 2003 when concerns about the prison were raised.

"From day one when RAMSI arrived, we have progressed a lot. Jails are now much, much better. Food inmates are having are much much well off. Also in terms of recreation, they have basketball, tennis, library, so it's more or less like a college now than the prison I used to know."

Francis Haisoma..