26 Aug 2004

Solomons minister denies inciting attacks on RAMSI

7:25 am on 26 August 2004

The Solomon Islands' Health Minister is denying allegations he's been involved in encouraging former militants to launch a hate campaign against the intervention force.

A note circulating in Honiara alleges that Benjamin Una incited former Malaitan militants, to attack RAMSI officers.

The note also says last week's stoning of a RAMSI vehicle at in east Honiara was the beginning of the campaign.

Mr Una denies the allegations, saying no one in his right mind would want to be involved in what he describes as evil ideas.

"I requested the foreign forces, and I counselled the prime minister, if we can invite foreign forces to come and assist Solomon Islands to maintain law and order. And it was done, and so far people can work in liberty, and freedom of this country."

People can walk freely to their gardens and all these things. Now all along, I am one of those that support the prime minister, who invite RAMSI in the country.