2 Sep 2004

Counsellor says peace on Guadalcanal's Weathercoast still a long way off

10:28 am on 2 September 2004

In Solomon Islands, a counsellor on Guadalcanal, Job Vari, says people's mindsets need to change first, before any efforts towards reconciliation on the Weathercoast will take effect.

Mr Vari, who is one of the counsellors for the Solomon Islands Christian Association, or SICA, is working closely with villagers on the Weathercoast following the ethnic unrest.

He says while the Regional Assistance Mission has restored law and order there, peace is still fragile because many people still hold grudges against their oppressors.

"RAMSI, yeah they took away the gun. And then they kind of...well took their mind and heart, that still have their grudges between themselves, the RAMSI cannot do that. So if only you deal with their heart and their mind, then the peace process could proceed."

Job Vari, a counsellor for SICA working on Guadalcanal