2 Sep 2004

Vanuatu's Head of State issues a warning of the dangers of political infighting

3:51 pm on 2 September 2004

Vanuatu's head of state, President Kalkot Mataskelekele has warned that the present political instability in parliament could destroy the country.

The head of state advised both government and opposition politicians not to use their internal political differences to defect from one side to the other saying it does not contribute to political unity or stability.

In his first major television address to the nation, President Matas-kelekele said when politicians continue to make wrong decisions then it is the people who put them there who suffer.

He reminded the MPs about article 7 of the constitution, which says that it is the people who give the government power through their votes.

The comments come after a series of motions for votes of no confidence - one of which sparked a snap election in July.

Meanwhile the Opposition leader Sato Kilman says that following a failed vote of no confidence yesterday the Opposition now accepts that the Government has a mandate to run the country.