3 Sep 2004

Palika breaks from FLNKS over its opposition to New Caledonian census

1:20 pm on 3 September 2004

Opponents of the New Caledonian government are reportedly differing on whether or not to boycott a census now under way in the territory.

The separatist grouping FLNKS says it disapproves of its supporters taking part in the survey because it doesn't include a question about ethnic identity.

But the Nouvelles Caledoniennes newspaper reports that an allied group of the FLNKS, the Kanak Liberation Party, or Palika, is asking its members to take part.

Palika says an official population tally will mean that France will be better able to work out the amount of money it gives to the territory.

It says a promised cultural inquiry will deal with the ethnic and tribal make-up of the territory.

The government says the survey will take a month.