7 Sep 2004

Campaigning ends in Cook Islands election

10:11 am on 7 September 2004

Campaigning in the Cook Islands is now officially at an end.

But preparations are continuing for the holding of the election tomorrow.

Linda Skates reports.

"The election teams and the candidates now begin a 24 hour waiting period before they find out if all their campaigning pays dividends. The ruling Democratic Party is expecting to head into government again on the back of a strong economy and promises of more growth to come. The opposition Cook Islands Party is pinning its hopes on a covenant and says it will be more unified than the Democrats whose divisions are showing. While, the independent candidates are expressing dissatisfaction with the current government and pledging political reform is common among them. The key messages from the three groups in the election will be tested at the polling booths tomorrow when they open at 9 am local time."