7 Sep 2004

Vanuatu Foreign Minister says foreign advisors take local jobs and interfere in internal affairs

8:27 pm on 7 September 2004

Vanuatu's Foreign Minister, Barak Sope, says the role of foreign advisors needs to be assessed to see whether ni-Vanuatu can do the jobs and whether they are interfering in the country's internal affairs.

This comes as two Australian Federal Police officers have been ordered out of Vanuatu, because, he says, they are operating outside of the defence agreements between the two countries.

Mr Sope has blamed the advisors for his conviction two years ago on fraud charges.

He says the test should be if a ni-Vanuatu can do a job then the advisor should go.

"and also to review, to look at the positions they hold. Are they really advising on behalf of Vanuatu or are they here to advise for their own government. I mean I think the Prime Minister has used the word spying, I would also use the words interfering in our internal affairs"