13 Sep 2004

Solomons police probe into Gold Ridge violence continues

3:19 pm on 13 September 2004

The Police Commander in the Solomon Island province of Guadacanal says investigations are continuing into recent conflict in the Gold Ridge area.

Peter Oriensaka says extra police have been stationed in the area after reports of harrassment of villagers by a group of ex-millitants.

Mr Oriensaka says the group includes people who have been released on bail.

The assistant commissioner of Regional Assistance Mission police, Errol Raiser, says there's no truth to reports that militant groups are reforming, and that any trouble has come from individuals.

However, Mr Oriensaka says a group of at least 70 people has been causing problems in the region.

"They just come into the villages and ask for compensation for having reported them to the police and according to our recent assessment and the findings of the police there were about five houses burnt down and a few little shops in the villlages were stolen."

The Provincial Police Commander of Guadacanal, Peter Oriensaka.