13 Sep 2004

Marshalls investors accuse attorney general of failing in duties

3:17 pm on 13 September 2004

Two foreign investors who want to open sports bars and massage parlors in the Marshall Islands have accused the Attorney General of not doing his job.

Atbi Riklon is the Registrar of Corporations as well Attorney General.

Weimin Chen and James Wang have now taken action in the High Court to get applications lodged in 2003, and earlier this year, processed.

The suits filed in the High Court said there was no indication from the Registrar of Corporations that there was any problem with the applications that would result in rejection.

A lawyer, John Masek, says after waiting for almost one year for the Attorney General to act on one application, he sent a letter threatening court action.

On the same day, deputy attorney general, Posesi Bloomfield, called to say the applications had been lost and requesting a new copy.

The Attorney General has 20 days to file a reply to the suits.