16 Sep 2004

Guadalcanal police call on Solomons government to form land inquiry

2:45 pm on 16 September 2004

The Guadalcanal Provincial Police commander is warning of a crisis if the Solomon Islands government does not set up a Commission of Inquiry into the issues of land on Guadalcanal within the next year.

Peter Oraenisaka says they have received reports that traditional landowners wish to return and settle on the land they occupied before the tension.

Mr Oraenisaka says until the Commission is set up as agreed to by all parties in the Townsville Peace Agreement, complaints from landowners about illegal settlers cannot be properly addressed.

He says until that time, people are being encouraged not to return and create trouble.

"The general feeling within the populace in Guadalcanal would want to see the people should stay out from the land that they have been occupying in the past and it might raise some tensions. That is why the police is trying to see that people do not come back and retake those lands."

The Guadalcanal Provincial Police commander, Peter Oraenisaka