24 Sep 2004

Solomons MP urges Guadalcanal land inquiry

1:41 pm on 24 September 2004

A Solomon Islands MP from Malaita has accused the government of failing to appoint a commission of inquiry to investigate how Guadalcanal land deserted during the ethnic tension by settlers was originally acquired.

Fred Fono told the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation that the issue affects many people and cannot be allowed to drag on.

Mr Fono's comments came in response to the lands minister, Siriako Usa, who warned former settlers not to return to land they left until a commission has looked into the matter.

Mr Fono says some settlers were returning to land they had left because it was taking too long for the government to set up such a commission.

The prime minister, Sir Allan Kemakeza, says formalities on the terms of reference have been completed ahead of the commission being set up.