24 Sep 2004

New Fiji FLP senator warns against divisions

4:18 pm on 24 September 2004

The new Fiji Labour Party Senator, Doctor Epeli Nailatikau, says he wants to bring a message of unity into parliament.

He will replace Senator Joeli Kalou who died three months ago.

Doctor Nailatikau provided trauma counselling to many of the Labour Party MPs after they were released from 56 days of captivity at gunpoint during the Speight coup.

He has also served as chief medical officer of the UN Interim Forces in Lebanon when the Fiji military was serving there.

Doctor Nailatikau, who is from a chiefly family and is a cousin to the Speaker of Parliament, says he is against divisive policies and attitudes of the recent past.

"This country will never ever progress without leaders uniting for the common good, I've stated the examples in Rwanda, in the Solomon Islands, in Papua New Guinea where I have worked. And I see that the indigenous people persecuting the foreigners, whatever, will never work, it will always end up natives killing natives."

Doctor Epeli Nailatikau