27 Sep 2004

Two members leave French Polynesia's ruling coalition to be independents

7:22 am on 27 September 2004

Two dissident MPs have left French Polynesia's ruling Coalition for Democracy.

The Tahiti Presse says move over the weekend has left the coalition headed by the President, Oscar Temaru, with only a two-seat advantage in the French Polynesia Assembly.

Noa Tetuanui, a member of Temaru's 29-seat coalition since the May 23 Assembly elections, resigned to become an independent Assembly member.

Jean-Alain Frébault made a similar move, except that he was originally elected as a member of the Tahoeraa Huiraatira political party led by incumbent President Gaston Flosse.

Since the election, Mr Frébault joined the majority coalition, but resigned from that to also become an independent.

Discussions are said to be underway to form another political grouping.