29 Sep 2004

Fiji Labour Party says minister for multi-ethnic affairs should resign

10:24 am on 29 September 2004

The Fiji Labour Party has called on the minister for multi-ethnic affairs, George Shiu Raj, to resign after he was cited in the auditor general's report for colluding with a travel agent to defraud the state.

Labour MP Peseci Bune, who is also chairman of parliament's public accounts committee, says there is enough evidence in the report that the minister is guilty of serious corruption.

Mr Bune says Labour is concerned that the prime minister appears to have lost control over his ministers as the entire government account is plagued with corruption and abuse.

He has called on the police to take a more pro-active stance, adding that the public accounts committee will meet next week to discuss the report.

Mr Bune says the public accounts committee should be empowered to prosecute offenders and recover the money abused.